Adding Images

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about adding images to your blog. I think we should use images in your post because it will improve a lot of your writing. For example, when you tell people about your holiday, tell people what do you like or tell about your country or someting special that you want to share. Images help you a lot! The best way to write the post is add images to your blog.

To add images to you blog, search on this side  and click ! That is very easy right? To select the picture that you want to put into your post, you click ” Select Files”

You can get the images by download it on Internet or on your computer! You can take your pictures and put it in your computer. So that every body can know exactly what are you talking about.


Interesting website for Art, Science and Music

Hey guys, guess what? I just found some interesting website for art, science and music!

There are:

1. for art!

I love this website very much, you can draw by sand and you can creative a lot of thing! I had drawn a pretty good picture: What do you think of this? I draw a mountain by a lot of sand and lots of different color right? You should try this!!!♥♥ If you use this website, remember: – if you want to change color of the sand, press button “c”.

– if you want to submit your picture to the gallery, you can press the little box on top and select the submit sentence



In this website, you can creative music by put some drumers and let them move! This is very interesting and I love it. I love music very much, and if you love music like me, try it!!☺ Try it, but you can select another topic if you want:)



In this website, you can play a funny game call Magic Pen, you have to draw a shape to make the circle move to the flag so that you will win! Try this if you interesting!


See you later guys! Try these things if you have free time!

My spring break!!♥♥♥

Hi guys!

After 2 weeks, I get back school and continue blogging. I enjoyed my spring break, and I want to continue stay at home! I love spring break a lot, I have a wonderful time during spring break! But, I just stay at home, listen to music and chat with my friends!♫♫♫♫ But the best thing that I can relax  and do anything I like and I don’t have to go to school!But, it just for the first week.

Last Monday, my cousins took me to the movie, it’s called The Lorax! Have you guys seen it before???♪ It was brilliant, it’s so funny and so cute.  I love it! And on Wednesday,  my sister and me went shopping, I bought a lot of clothes and some jewellery. On Thursday me and my other sister went to her friend house, we play a lot of game and she took us to her restaurant, it’s very beautiful and the food was delicious. On Sunday, I went to Ben Thanh Market to buy some materials to make a gift for my best friend, it’s not very nice but she like it a lot because it’s my handmade.

After 2 weeks, I have to go to school again! The time go too fast!  I miss my spring break a lot!

However, Good Luck to you guys! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                       LOVE  SPRING  A  LOT♥♥♥